Are you looking to urge more sees on your Instagram Stories in 2023?

With over half a billion people watching stories on the every day, centering your promoting endeavors on an successful Instagram Stories procedure can genuinely pay off.

In this web journal post, we’re sharing our beat five ways to rack up engagement and eventually get more sees on your Stories.

Furthermore — we’ll break down how to use the best device for planning (and distributing) your Stories to make arranging substance a breeze.

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How to Get More Instagram Story Views

Here are five ways to extend your Instagram Stories sees:

Include an Engagement-driving Sticker

Incorporate an Additional Story at the Conclusion

Share Select Substance

Tap Into Instagram’s Near Companions

Be Reliable

Tactic #1: Add an Engagement-driving Sticker to Your First Story

One of the quickest ways to boost your stories’ views is by adding an engagement-driving sticker (such as a poll, emoji slider, or quiz) to the very first story you share:

This will encourage engagement on your stories right off the bat, which is a major nudge to the Instagram algorithm.

The more clicks and engagements your stories receive, the more Instagram will bump your stories to the front of the queue.

Hello, more views! 👋

Tactic #2: Include an Extra Story at the End of the Day

This tried-and-tested tip comes straight from Later’s Social Substance Lead, Lindsay Ashcraft.

“Adding a modern story at hour 22-23, right some time recently the rest of our stories terminate, gives all of them an additional boost in views.”

We’re not completely beyond any doubt why this works so well — but believe us, it does.

And utilizing Afterward makes it simple to schedule Instagram Stories at the times that’ll drive engagement.

Later’s social group has too tested with taking a brief rest to see on the off chance that this had any affect on story views.

The result? Not much.

“We didn’t see anything that was out of the standard for us,” offers Lindsay. “Lots of individuals suggest this, but we haven’t been able to reproduce comes about consistently.”

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Tactic #3: Share Exclusive Content on Stories

It may be an age-old marketing tactic, but sharing exclusive content is a bonafide way to increase your views — especially if it’s something useful or interesting to your community.

For brands, this could be an exclusive 24-hour discount code. For creators, it could be a personal story, a tutorial, or a point of view you’ve never shared before:

The short-lived nature of stories is great for creating buzz — especially when paired with a feed post caption that encourages viewers to head to your stories to find out more.

On the lookout for more Instagram Stories inspiration? Check out this blog post: 25 Instagram Stories Ideas for Your Social Strategy

Tactic #4: Tap Into Instagram’s Close Friends Feature

This little-known hack can be a real game-changer for increasing Instagram Stories views.

You may have noticed that when someone adds you to their Close Friends list, you’ll see their stories closer to the front of your feed with a bright green border.

This is because Instagram prioritizes content from “close connections.”

Admittedly, adding all of your followers to a Close Friends list isn’t a viable tactic — but it is a great way to share important information to the most engaged members of your community.

This could be anyone — from brand ambassadors to repeat customers.

Tactic #5: Be Consistent

Being consistent is one of the best ways to continue to get views on your Instagram Stories, drive sales, and increase engagement.

But posting daily Instagram Stories can be challenging — whether it’s choosing what to post, finding the time to create content, or forgetting to post altogether.

By bulk uploading and storyboarding your content in advance, you can make sure you’re hitting your content pillars, being strategic, and posting consistently:

Plus, you can easily see how your Instagram Stories are performing with Later’s easy-to-use analytics dashboard.

The tool lets you track up to 12 months’ worth of Instagram Stories, so you can see exactly what’s performed best — and filter by key metrics, such as likes, reach, comments, and more:

It’s the best way to inform your content strategy.

And that’s it!

Whether you’re looking to improve your engagement or get more eyeballs on your Instagram Stories, these five tips will keep your followers tap-tap-tapping for more.

So, what are you waiting for? Start scheduling your Instagram Stories in advance with Later today — available on paid plans.

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