Instagram branded content material equipment permit you to manipulate and song your paid partnerships at once inside the app.

You have got full manage of when an influencer can tag you as a paid accomplice and benefit real-time insights into how posts are performing — making your influencer partnerships greater green, obvious, and trackable.

Prepared to discover how to set up Instagram branded content gear for your commercial enterprise? We’re protecting all the info on this blog post.

What are Instagram Branded Content Tools?

Earlier than we dive into the tools, let’s clarify what “branded content” is.

Consistent with Instagram branded content is “a author or writer’s content material that features or is influenced via a business partner for an alternate of price (as an instance, wherein the business associate has paid the writer or publisher).”

So for a emblem, this will be any content material created with the aid of an Instagram partner, influencer or ambassador as a part of your Instagram approach.

And as an influencer or author on Instagram, branded content material is any post that changed into commissioned, backed or paid for through a brand.

To help make paid emblem partnerships more apparent for humans scrolling the feed, Instagram have created tagging features and insights for enterprise and creators at the platform: Instagram branded content material equipment.

Instagram’s branded content tools are designed to help businesses and creators paintings collectively in a greater obvious and seamless way.

That could best be an amazing aspect — as agencies, brands, and political figures are more and more anticipated to be crystal clean in their disclosure of paid partnerships.

In fact, Instagram recently announced that all paid partnerships between political parties and creators need to be posted the use of their branded content material gear, so each submit has the “Paid Partnership with” label surely visible.

For content material creators, being capable of label a put up as an authentic paid partnership adds an extra stage of authenticity to their content — setting up them as a recognized brand companion.

This can be a big benefit for content material creators looking to construct their popularity and benefit more logo partnerships. Particularly if they’re a micro-influencer looking to increase their enterprise portfolio.

So whether you’re a logo or a writer on Instagram, having your branded content material gear and features in area is a win-win state of affairs!

Plus! The “paid partnership with” label can also act as a valuable form of disclosure for content creators. However, it’s worth noting that the FTC also recommends including a clear and accurate disclosure in a post’s caption.

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Who’s Eligible to Use Instagram Branded Content Tools

To get started with Instagram’s branded content tools, you’ll first need to meet Instagram’s Eligibility Standards.

Here’s a quick overview to see if your eligible:

  1. Content creators/publishers must have a Business or Creator account. Business partners must have a Business account to be tagged as a paid partner. If you haven’t made the switch yet, you can follow Later’s step-by-step guide here.

  2. Content creators/publishers must have an “authentic, established presence.”

  3. Content creators/publishers must comply with Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

  4. Content creators/publishers cannot be a government official who is subject to government rules or ethics. Find out more about Instagram’s stance on this here.

Once you meet these requirements, it’s super easy to get set up and start using Instagram branded content tools!

How to Set Up Instagram Branded Content

In order to start benefiting from Instagram branded content tools, there are different steps for businesses and content creators to follow.

Brands and Businesses: Approve Tag Requests Ad Hoc or Curate an Approved List of Partners

As a brand or business, all you need is a Business account on Instagram to start being tagged in branded content posts from your influencer network.

By default, you’ll have to manually approve any branded content posts you’ve been tagged in — but you can disable this in your account settings.

Simply go to your Settings, select “Business”, and open the “branded content” tab.

From here, you can toggle “Manually Approve Tags” to be on or off.

However, it’s generally a good idea to keep approval turned on so you can control who is labelling themselves as an “official” brand partner on Instagram.

From this tab you can also review any incoming “Tag Requests,” and curate your own list of “Approved Business Partners” for the content creators you work with on a regular basis.

Adding a content creator as an approved business partner will help speed up the whole process, as they’ll never have to wait for you to approve their request before they can hit publish.

It can also help form long-lasting partnerships, which can only strengthen an existing relationship and help improve your strategies on both sides.

You’ll receive a notification every time they tag you in a branded content post, and be able to see their post performance insights in just one tap. Plus, you can always remove someone from your “Approved Business Partners” list at any time!

Influencers and Content Creators: Set Up Branded Content Tools

As a content creator, you can now add the “paid partnership” label to any of your posts, even without a brand partner.


To do this, follow the usual posting workflow. If you don’t see the option to “Add Paid Partnership Label” on the main caption screen, try tapping “Advanced Settings.”

You can add the paid partnership label independently or tag up to two brand partners in your post. When a partner brand approves the request, they will be added to the Paid Partnership label above your post.

They will also be able to see your post’s performance insights.

NOTE: If you’re an influencer or content creator on Instagram and want to tag business partners in your posts, you’ll need to have an Instagram Business or Creator account. Not sure what the difference is? Find out which profile is best for you in this blog post.

How to Use Instagram Branded Content Posts for Your Ad Strategy

One of the major wins of Instagram’s branded content tools is that it’s super easy to promote creators’ branded content posts as feed and stories ads.

This is a huge advantage for brands looking to get more from their ad spend, as an endorsement from a content creator or influencer can carry much more weight with potential customers.

In order to do this, content creators must toggle on the option to “allow business partner to promote” in the advanced settings of an Instagram post.

Once a content writer does this, groups will see the submit in their “commercials manager” below present posts, and may pick out to run it as an ad in feed or tales format.

Instagram branded content gear are a extremely good manner to make your influencer partnerships greater efficient and trackable, while also being amazing obvious together with your target audience.

And with Instagram branded content material ads, you may without problems pick which branded content material posts to promote to attain a miles wider target market — no needless returned-and-forth required!

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