Using Instagram testimonies stickers is a amusing, loose, and clean manner to increase engagement with your fans! Instagram goes all in at the sticky label craze, liberating a brand new quiz sticky label for Instagram testimonies (similarly to their two different ballot stickers).To be had now, the new interactive Instagram tales quiz decal helps you to proportion minutiae-fashion multiple-preference questions along with your followers and tune the consequences.

While certainly one of your followers “votes” to your quiz, they’ll be capable of see whether they were given it right — and also you’ll be capable of see how many votes each option received and how everybody voted.

Equipped to start quizzing your audience? Here’s the whole thing you need to realize approximately quiz stickers on Instagram testimonies:

How to Use the Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker

To get started, simply tap the quiz sticker button after you’ve taken a photo or video in the Instagram Stories camera.

Next, give your quiz a name and then write out your own question and customize the answer choices — you can add up to four (or as few as two) possible answers. The “correct” answer will be highlighted green.

You can customize the color of your quiz by tapping the color wheel at the top of the screen.

Once you’re finished, simply share your story and see which of your followers answer correctly!

When someone responds to your quiz, they’ll see which choice is leading at any given moment and see the correct answer. And if they watch your story again later, they’ll see the latest leading answer.

To check out your quiz results, swipe up to open the viewers list. Here, you’ll see how many people responded to each option plus who responded and how they answered.

How to Use the Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker for Business

Like the rest of Instagram’s interactive story stickers, we expect the new quiz sticker on Instagram Stories to be an instant hit with businesses — mostly because there are just so many different uses!

For example, brands can use the feature to see how well their fans know them by asking questions like what year they launched a certain product or what country their founder is from.

Check out how @missguided used the sticker to quiz (and educate!) their audience about their brand:

Kourtney Kardashian’s new lifestyle brand @poosh did something similar with their stories:

You can also use the quiz sticker to build excitement around new campaigns and product launches — or to gather feedback and educate your audience about your business and products.

For example, a beauty company could use the quiz sticker to ask their audience about their morning skincare routine or what skincare products they can’t live without.

Or how @chipotle used it to highlight their most popular dishes:

But you pick to apply it, the new quiz sticker offers a new innovative option for organizations to enhance their engagement thru Instagram memories!

Are you planning to apply the brand new Instagram stories quiz decal? Allow us to realize inside the feedback what you’ll be the use of it for!

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