If you’re trying to upload new content advent gear on your toolkit, we have got you protected.

The right gear can make all of the difference in streamlining your potential to create scroll-stopping, regular content.

Ready to degree-up your social media presence? Your last guide to the fine equipment for creators and influencers in 2023 awaits.

What Are Content Creation Tools?

Content creation tools are the little gadgets and apps that make a creator’s job easier.

From ring lights to photo editing apps, they help keep you creative, productive, and organized.

Without them, it’s easy to get caught up in the little nuances of creating — risking precious time that could be better spent engaging with your community.

The takeaway? A creator is only as good as their tools (or whatever Emmert Wolf said).

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3 Must-have Content Creator Tools

Like the Animal Crossing tool ring, the following equipment and gear are essential for content creators of all kinds:

  1. Ring Light

  2. Computer

  3. Portable Charger

#1: Ring Light 

When you need help controlling the lighting at home, a ring light tripod combo can do the trick.

Not only does it help you create a bright aesthetic — it allows you to be hands-free to create more engaging Instagram Stories (or your next TikTok dance routine).


Many ring light tripods even have options for dimming the light to control the warmth or coolness of your shot, as well as a remote clicker for seamless content control.

Later’s Pick: Kaiess 10.2″ Selfie Ring Light 

There are tons of options out there but our pick is the Kaiess 10.2″ Selfie Ring Light — it’s a great choice without the hefty price tag.

#2: Computer

As a content creator, a good quality laptop or desktop to edit, plan, and schedule your posts is essential for your setup (and psst, you can use a platform like Later to speed up the process).

While there are tons of options to choose from, our advice is to pick one that fits your specific needs.

Whether it’s designing graphics or outlining a storyboard and script for your upcoming YouTube video, the right computer will empower your creativity without slowing you down.

#3: Portable Charger

Not to be too dramatic, but your electronics are your lifeline in the content world.

And there’s nothing more heartbreaking than a dying phone battery in the middle of a shoot.

Later’s Pick: mophie Powerstation XXL Power Bank

A portable charger, like the morphie Powerstation XXL Power Bank, is a quick and easy fix to make sure your creating doesn’t get cut short when you’re away from home.

The Best Camera for Content Creators and YouTubers

If video is your thing, a high quality camera is just what you need to amplify your output.

And while not essential, many vloggers and creators alike swear by a good vlogging camera, especially when it comes to long-form content.

Later’s Pick: Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera

Our consensus? For the average creator, the Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera is a well-known favorite.

With a good camera in your content creator toolkit, you can take your audience with you in style (and quality).

The Most Useful Video Content Creation Tools for TikTok, YouTube & Reels

If you’re shooting footage specifically for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels, a few simple tools can produce some pretty impressive results.

Plus, by improving the production value and audio of your content, you might start to see a boost in your view and engagement rates too.

Here’s a list of our favorite content creation tools for video:

  1. Flexible Tripod

  2. Microphone

  3. Smartphone Camera Lenses

  4. Backdrops

  5. Selfie Ring Light Clip

  6. Softbox Lighting Kit

#1: Flexible Tripod

You’re probably already quite familiar with the handiness of tripods when photographing.

But, if you’re regularly shooting flatlays and product photography — finding a flexible tripod can take your styled shots to the next level.

Later’s Pick: K&F Concept 67 inch Camera Tripod

By easily converting to different angles, this MACC (Multi-Angle Center Column) tripod from K&F will give you a wider range of motion while stabilizing your camera.

Say goodbye to awkward squats and back pain from hunching over — this tripod is the hands-free answer for every shot.

#2: Microphone

A microphone isn’t just a sound investment for podcasters — there are plenty of reasons content creators should add one to their collection.

Later’s Pick: Snowball iCE USB Microphone

Whether it’s recording tutorials, narrating video content, or being a guest on someone’s podcast, having a good quality mic on hand can often save the day — especially in environments where the audio is challenging.

The Snowball iCE USB Microphone is just one of many that is perfect if you’re balling on a budget.

#3: Smartphone Camera Lenses

While smartphone cameras have come a long way, there’s still some limitations to what you can capture with your phone.

That’s where a smartphone camera lens kit comes in.

Later’s Pick: Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit

With everything from fisheye perspective to macro views, the Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit lets you transform your phone camera with a simple lens clip.

Plus, it means you don’t have to carry a bulky SLR lens when you’re capturing quick content on the fly!

#4: Backdrops

Wish you had marble countertops or colorful wall tiles in your home? Don’t worry — you can easily fake it.

Later’s Pick: Backdrops from Capture by Lucy

Enter: Backdrops like the ones from Capture by Lucy.

From vinyl photography backgrounds to a simple whiteboard (think back to your school project days), you can create clean and interesting displays for your flatlays or portraits.

#5: Selfie Ring Light Clip

Another clip that’s popular among influencers and content creators is a selfie ring light clip.

Later’s Pick: Kimwood Rechargeable 60 LED Selfie Ring Light

Simply clip one, like the Kimwood Rechargeable 60 LED Selfie Ring Light, onto your phone and voilà — you’ve got perfect lighting!

This is an especially useful hack for on-the-go recording that will give you a nice glow, even on the gloomiest of days.

#6: Softbox Lighting Kit

A softbox lighting kit is a must-have purchase for video or product photography shots.

Most kits contain two softbox lights, which instantly transforms any room into a professional studio.

Later’s Pick: HPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit

Get a soft, diffused light by placing a lightbox, like these from HPUSN, on each side of the object or person you’re photographing.

They’re especially helpful for shooting content on dark and gloomy days.

TIP: Choose a neutral daylight balanced bulb to avoid adding an unwanted tint to your photos or video.

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Content Creation Software Creators Can’t Live Without

For quick-turn content, editing apps are a content creator’s best friend.

From creating animated Instagram Stories in a flash to one-click photography edits, there’s usually an app to help you wow your audience without a ton of work.

Here’s a roundup of our favorites:

  1. Lumafusion and Mojo for Video

  2. LightRoom, Tezza, and A Color Story for Photography

  3. Later for Planning, Scheduling, and Everything In Between

#1: For Video: Lumafusion and Mojo

With video content becoming more popular than ever on Instagram, it’s important to have a few go-to video editing apps for content creation.

Here at Later, we have two favorites we often use for our social accounts: Lumafusion and Mojo.


Lumafusion has the standard trim, speed, dimensions, and audio edits which prove helpful for splicing clips and cleaning up audio.

But, where it really shines is in its ability to layer photos, video, and audio in the same frame to make compelling video content for your next TikTok or Reel.

When it comes to Instagram Stories, Mojo is a popular app for creating animated videos with dynamic text options and unique visual templates — guaranteed to make users stop their scroll.

#2: For Photography: LightRoom, Tezza, and A Color Story

Content creation often involves honing your photography skills and in turn, developing an editing process too.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend hours fussing over individual edits.

LightRoom presets can make it easy to batch edit multiple photos at once while keeping your aesthetic consistent.

If you prefer mobile-only editing apps for your photos, Tezza can make your photos feel warm and organic.

And for brighter and colorful content, A Color Story has tons of filter options made by a variety of content creators.


TIP: Once you find a filter or preset you love, stick to it! This will help you create a cohesive and consistent aesthetic.

#3: For All Your Social Media Needs: Later

ICYMI: social media content and scheduling is kinda our thing.

As a leading social media marketing tool, Later is great for creating, planning, scheduling, and auto-publishing your content with ease.

Designed to streamline your workflow and help you create a killer aesthetic with tools like the Instagram Visual Planner, Later is your one-stop content scheduling machine.

Plus, you can analyze all your hard work with Later’s built-in analytics to hone your content creation strategy month over month.

Essential Websites & Apps for Content Creators

The internet really is a magical place with tons of useful (and free) resources. Here are a handful of our favs:

  1. Later’s Weekly Trends Blog

  2. Canva

  3. Creative Market

  4. Later’s Social Media Newsletter

  5. Later’s Content Creation Features

Later’s weekly TikTok Trends and weekly Reels Trends blogs are a massive timesaver in helping you keep up with all things trending on social media.

Each week, our team of social media experts update the blog with the top TikTok and Instagram trends, so you can focus on creating superstar content.

We also talk about how you can use the trends and incorporate them within your niche.

AKA, work smarter, not harder. 🙏

#2: Canva

Known for its easy drag-and-drop design style, Canva is a popular choice for all types of creatives, but especially social media managers.


You can use their pre-made templates for Instagram, or to jazz up your next social media presentations or report.

Plus, with a Canva Pro account, you can upload your brand’s fonts and colors to make creating branded graphics a breeze!

If you’re regularly creating professional-level content, this upgrade is well worth it.

#3: Creative Market

Content creators typically wear many hats, and graphic design is often one of the most worn.


Luckily, there are plenty of sites that make it easy to produce professional results that are extremely affordable.

With Creative Market, you can really bring your creative concept to life with millions of different fonts, graphics, photos, and templates available.

#4: Later’s Social Media Newsletter

Platforms are constantly changing and new industry trends emerge everyday — making it tough to keep up.


To stay on top of the latest social media news and tips, sign up for Later’s free weekly newsletter.

Basically, stick to creating and maybe check your inbox every once in a while.

Try Later’s Content Creation Tools

You get the gist — the right setup, accessories, and equipment can make all the difference in your success and experience as a content creator.

The cherry on top? We’re right there with you — from ideation down to the moment you’re ready to share your creations with the world.


Later makes creators’ lives easier with tools including a media kit, a customized Linkin.bio, and your personal best time to post.

Simply, we’ve got you covered.

And there you have it — your complete list of content creator tools to engage your audience and reach more people.

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